Bacon it Great — You Know When It’s (a) Real (Strong Social Media Effort)

November 13, 2009


1)  Create a strong campaign idea (You Know When It’s Real), leading to a celebration of the food and, in this case, BACON!!  Turn wendys.com (above) into a brand platform that drives people into a participatory (social media) experience (Turn Your Love For Bacon Into Cash — below).


2) Create games, contests and content to get and keep people involved on the Twitter page/feed, expanding the “follower” base (below).  They’ve created a bunch of little, easy-to-accomplish tasks they release every few hours or so.  The first x-number of people who perform the tasks get points.  “Bacon” is always part of the task and must be included in the Twitter posts.


3) Integrate social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to expand and deepen reach and participation, leveraging the more robust website-like aspects of Facebook pages within a social media context (as opposed to a corporate website).  Here, Wendy’s posts the leader board for the competition while also linking fans and newbies to other parts of the Wendy’s social media experience (below)


4) Get a nice writeup in AdWeek (below)


5) Get the blogger community cheering for your brand (below)


6)  Sell more burgers.  Time will tell, but I bet this will be a successful campaign overall for Wendy’s and for this product.


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